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More Leads

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It's one thing to have a website. It's something completely different to have a website that converts traffic into leads.

Don't miss out on new customers with poor design.

Increased Authority

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I bet you went through a lot of education to acquire the skills you have now. But what good is that if people don't know?

A website is a great place to showcase what you know and how you can help your ideal clients.

Save Time

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Sick of constantly trying to sell yourself and answering the same 5 questions over and over again?

Your website is your 24/7 sales team that answers the questions you most commonly receive.

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Websites That Convert Traffic to Leads

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Like all good things in life it starts over strong coffee... and ends over smooth whiskey... or protein shake.

The 5 D's to building a website that attracts leads.

Step 1 - Define

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We kick it off with a discovery call over a hot cup of coffee and you get to embrace your inner spice girl.

Tell me what you want what you really really want.

We will define your vision so that we can gain a deep understanding of your project requirements.

Step 2 - Design

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It is now time to tap into our inner Pablo Picasso and create your masterpiece.

We will work closely with you to ensure that the tone matches your desired outcome.

Concepts will evolve over the course of the design phase based on your feedback.

Step 3 - Develop

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This is where your design comes to life and we build a functioning website.

The goal of every website is to create a brand that people trust & attracts leads.

It will be mobile friendly, fast and reliable.

Step 4 - Deploy

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You now have a functional website and it is time release it into the wild.

Your website goes through quality assurance, user testing and an official launch to get people amped up!

This is also where we will teach you how to groom, bath and feed your new client capturing beast. 🦁

Step Infinity - Drink

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The final and most fulfilling phase of the project.

If you decided to work with us, we can safely assume we have three things in common.

You value health, service and kindness.

Therefore... I think we just became best friends.

Cheers. 🍻


The #1 Webflow Website Agency for Health Brands.

10 Landing Page Tips for Health & Fitness Entrepreneurs

Top 3 MUST-HAVES On Your Website

Being Known

Are you the thought leader in your industry? If no, why not?

You have had a TON of education to get to where you are today, and by golly, it's time to tell people.

You can be the world's best health professional, but if nobody knows who you are or how to find you, how can you possibly provide the life-changing care people need from you?

It is no longer a nicety but a necessity to have a digital presence in today's world.

Let's help you become known as the thought leader of your industry by building a website that gets you found.

Being Likable

Want to know what turns people off faster than anything?

People can smell if you're not being genuine.

This is why having a website that represents your authentic personality is essential.

I take the time to get to know you so that ONE, I don't have to work with someone that sucks, but TWO, so that I can create an online image that best represents YOU.

Let's help you become likeable to your ideal client by creating a website that shows your authenticity.

Being Trustworthy

What's the first thing you do when you want to find out about ANYTHING?

I'd be willing to bet you look up their website and make a snap judgment about whether this IS or IS NOT for you.

You are doing it right now as you read these words.

Don't make the mistake of building a website that kills trust before they even get a chance to meet you.

Let's help you become trustworthy by building a website that is clean, modern, fast, and reliable.

Just like you are 😉.


"As a new small business owner who will be working with clients 100% online, working with Corey has been crucial to my progress so far. His web design abilities are above and beyond what I thought possible and I have been blown away by his work.

Corey has responded very quickly to any of my inquiries and has proven trustworthy and easy to work with. He also has provided useful input on how to develop my brand and attract the clients I’m searching for. If you are someone who values a top-notch, elegant, and user-friendly website, you need to work with Hiben Brands."

Dr. Dan Ricciardi

Functional Medicine Practitioner

"Can’t say enough about the experience I have had with Corey getting my website up and running - not to mention making it look killer. It definitely shows that he has healthcare experience as he knew the client/patient I wanted to attract and helped me to zero in on that client, likely because he has worked with the same sort of client. He was willing to give me ideas of things he thought might work better and work with me on my vision.

Seriously, if you want someone who will get to business and get the job done right then Corey is your guy. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend him to anyone looking to build a beautiful and smooth website."

Dr. Ben Britton

Physical Therapist
Ben Britton - physical therapist

"Corey did an amazing job designing my business' website. He was incredibly easy to work with, responsive, and delivered exactly what I needed at a very reasonable cost. I would definitely recommend his design work!"

Dr. Tim Mann

Physical Therapist
Tim Mann - physical therapist

"Corey is super friendly, efficient and professional. He corresponds in a timely manner and his turnaround is quick. Would definitely recommend hiring him for your tech needs! Also suggest checking out his podcast too - great advice for small business owners in the health and wellness field!"

Ali Naglee

Health Coach
Ali Naglee with her husband


I would be willing to bet that you got into the health industry because you want to help people. You are passionate about serving your fellow human and making the world a better place. You want to help people make healthier choices, and in order to do that you first and foremost need people to serve!

The problem is, you were probably never taught about how to build a website or market your business. As someone who used to work in both the fitness and the healthcare industry I understand how challenging it can be to both see clients and market yourself. That's exactly why I now serve my fellow health brands. To help you connect with your ideal clients so that you can actually do the thing you were trained to do! Help people with their health and wellbeing.

Here's how it works: 👇

Step 1 - Set up a call with Corey.
Step 2 - Determine exactly who you want to serve.
Step 3 - Build a website that attracts that ideal client.

If you're ready to get started, all you have to do is go to our contact page, fill out the information and set up a call with Corey so you can stop wasting your time trying to figure out how to build a website and start focusing on providing incredible service to your clients.

-Corey 🤠


To Connect Health  Brands With Their Ideal Customers.

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The Guy - Who DOes IT

Corey Hiben standing with his arms crossed.

Corey is my name but health & marketing are my game.

1999 - built my first computer from scratch.

2000 - read my first programming book.

2006 - got rejected from University.

2007 - attended community college for computer science.

2008 - attended Minnesota State University.

2011 - bachelors degree in exercise science.

2017 - masters degree in occupational therapy.

2020 - started a website design agency for health brands.

2021 - started The Health Hustle podcast.

Today - building Webflow websites for health brands that create trust and attract leads.

Vision - To help inspiring health providers build an online brand that people admire & trust.

Just The Facts...

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