Corey Hiben

Host of The Health Hustle Podcast - Austin Texas

Corey is my name but business and marketing is my game.

I have been podcasting for over a year and have fallen in love with the process of becoming a "podcaster." I have been interviewing the brightest minds of the health and fitness industry in Austin Texas about how they built their business and the lessons they have learned along the way.

From physical therapists, chiropractors, functional medicine docs, personal trainers, gym owners, and everything in between.

Through that journey I have learned a lot about how to start, grow, and build a health business that fits your lifestyle.

Just like your health, there is no one size fit model. There are many paths to building a business and it all comes down to what's right for you.

Corey Hiben podcasting with red shirt


Corey Hiben is the host of The Health Hustle Podcast. He is also the founder of Andro Brands which is a marketing agency for health & fitness professionals.

Corey used to work as both a personal trainer and a healthcare professional and so he understands the challenges of providing incredible service to your current customers while also trying to attract new customers.

Through many years of trial and error he realized that he is best suited to put all of his time and attention in helping other health & fitness professionals grow and market their businesses.

His mission is to help as many of his fellow health & fitness entrepreneurs to build a business that fits their lifestyle.

Questions Corey is always ready to answer

  • Why did you decide to get into marketing?
  • Why did you decide to start a podcast show?
  • How did you end up in Austin Texas?
  • What is the biggest mistake people make with their marketing?
  • What is your favorite quote?
  • When did you know you wanted to start your own business?
  • How did you get interested in health & fitness?