001 - Healthcare professional turned entrepreneur - Corey's Story

Healthcare professional turned website designer.

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Episode Description

Corey Hiben, healthcare professional turned website designershares his personal story of how he was able to pivot from the grind of healthcare into serving the person he once was.

In This Episode:

02:00 - Teenage nerding

04:00 - How a breakup changed me for the better

07:30 - College rejection

10:00 - My pursuit of healthcare

12:30 - Day 1 of personal development

14:00 - Losing my big corporate job

15:30 - Choosing yourself

16:30 - Serving your audience

Corey Hiben

I have worked as a personal trainer and a healthcare professional who was in charge of finding my own clients, so I understand the struggles of attracting attention and getting more clients. Having a way to attract customers in the modern world is no longer a nicety but has become a necessity. If people can't find you then how are they going to business with you? Think about how you make your own purchasing decisions. I would be willing to bet that the first thing you do is look them up online and immediacy start assessing if you are going to buy from them based on 3 criteria...

  1. Can they find out about YOU - the actual person who is selling the service?
  2. Testimonials / reviews - are people saying good things about their experience with you?
  3. Good website design - modern design, easy to navigate and fast loading time.

If any of these 3 criteria miss the mark then you are likely missing out on potential client leads.

Corey sitting at his laptop with a gray shirt

Corey Hiben

Entrepreneur & Podcaster

Corey is my name, but health & technology is my game.

Helping health & fitness professionals grow their business by marketing their brand.