002 - Staying consistent with Ben Britton of Revival Physical Therapy

Advice on how to work with a business partner as a physical therapist

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Episode Description

Founder of Revival Physical Therapy Ben Britton gives his advice on how to work with his business partner Peter and the value of staying consistent even when you don't feel like it.

In This Episode:

01:40 - Why he got into physical therapy

03:20 - How to establish a connection with a gym

07:25 - Relationships are king

09:00 - Following up

12:00 - The business side of physical therapy

14:20 - How they got their first client

16:45 - Working with a partner

22:40 - Niche marketing

26:40 - Free info Friday

28:30 - The power of reaching out

32:00 - How are you going to eat an elephant?

Ben Britton

Ben Britton standing at a table

If I had to wrap up this interview in one word I would say CONSITENCY.

It really is the backbone of every business. Whether that is posting content, following up with prospects or reaching out to that next potential client. It all takes a form of consistency and understand that everything good in life takes time.

Stay consistent, don't give up and play the long game.

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