004 - Running out of Kenya with Dr. Stephen Menya of Lions Gym

Running out of Kenya as a chiropractor

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Episode Description

Dr. Stephen Menya is a chiropractor and personal trainer from Kenya who started Lion's Gym so that he can heal others in the same way that a chiropractor healed him.

In This Episode:

03:00 - How Stephen helps people with his SIMBA approach

05:50 - Running for Kenya to get out of Kenya

08:30 - How a chiropractic adjustment fixed his health issues

10:00 - How Stephen gets most of his business

12:45 - His lucky break into America

14:30 - Running into a skunk

20:40 - Balancing being a personal trainer & a chiropractor

22:30 - Using social media to grow his practice

26:30 - His number 1 tip for starting a health business

29:30 - His first experience with America (the soda story)

The title of the episode really says it all. What an amazing story of how he was able to literally use his talent of a runner to make his way over to the states. We are lucky to have Dr. Stephen Menya and his incredible hands to serve people in the Twin Cities area.

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