005 - Overcoming naysayers, telling your story and having belief that you will succeed

3 biggest takeaways from my episode with Dr. Stephen Menya

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Episode Description

Here are my 3 biggest takeaways from my previous episode with Dr. Stephen Menya of Lions Gym.

In This Episode:

00:30 - Dealing with naysayer (especially your family).

- Focusing on the opportunity.

- The 30% rule.

- You can always figure it out.

03:50 - Telling your story.

- People connect with people.

- How are people going to find you?

- Creating a connection.

- The importance of an About Page.

06:55 - Having belief in your business.

- How to maintain a strong belief.

- Mentors and mastermind groups.

- Dealing with ambiguity.

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