006 - Listening to your intuition with Physical Therapist Marysa Meyer

Physical therapy and the mind body connection.

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Episode Description

Tapping into your intuition with Marysa Meyer, doctor of physical therapy, certified yoga teacher, writer, and guide for developing the mind-body connection.

In This Episode

01:20 - Marysa's story with trauma.

03:40 - Scratching your own itch.

07:00 - The books that helped Marysa make changes in her life.

08:30 - How she got started with her own practice.

12:00 - How to filter potential clients.

16:50 - Mental health in physical therapy.

21:40 - How she got her first client.

25:25 - Support groups.

30:00 - Build your tribe.

31:45 - Starting from ground zero.

35:00 - Valuing your intuition.

40:00 - Grounding yourself in what you love.

Marysa shows her real passion for physical therapy in this episode by telling her authentic story. There is no hiding how much she enjoys helping people with their health and discovering the connection between the mind and the body. If you are in need of a physical therapist in the Twin Cities area, don't hesitate to reach out!

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