008 - Getting more clients with Andrew Eccles of Loon State Physical Therapy

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Episode Description

Founder of Loon State Physical Therapy shares his journey into entrepreneurship and the lessons he has learned along the way for getting more clients.

In This Episode:

01:15 - Andrews story

06:30 - Burning the ships

08:30 - How he got his first client

11:20 - Networking to grow your practice

16:25 - Niche marketing

19:35 - Customer reviews & referrals

21:50 - Local marketing

26:00 - Solving an actual problem

27:00 - Learning from failure

29:30 - Know who you want to help

On the outside, Andrew looks like a pretty typical physical therapist, but on the inside (as you'll discover in this episode) he has keen business and marketing sense. He shares how he was able to build his practice by leveraging the relationships that he already had and where he recommends you focus your time and energy if you are in the early stages of business. Plus his patients absolute love him and he has the testimonials to prove it.

Loon State Physical Therapy

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