011 - Stop doing what you HATE, find your TRIBE and flex the REST muscle

My takeaway from my episode with Mia Vidmar

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Episode Description

In This Episode:

01:08 - Stop doing what you HATE

- Working at a clinic that was a bust

- Resenting your work

- Do what you enjoy

- The 30% rule

- Grit or quit?

- 4 quadrants exercise

07:40 - Find your tribe

- Having referrals

- Healthpreneurs event

- Look at who you surround yourself with

- Hack your environment

- If it doesn't exist, create it

- Convert the converted

- Mastermind groups & mentorship

12:54 - flexing the REST muscle

- 3 day weekends

- We get stronger when we rest

- Balance is a myth

- Take mini-vacations

- Have a shutdown routine

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