012 - Learning business organically with owner of Titanium Performance Tyler McCarthy

Avoiding burnout as a personal trainer with Tyler McCarthy

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Episode Description

Owner and personal trainer of Titanium Performance Tyler McCarthy shares his journey into entrepreneurship and the business lessons he learned along the way to build his clientele and market his brand.

In This Episode:

02:00 - Learning business organically

03:15 - Entrepreneurship in the family

05:20 - Partnering with gyms to get his first clients

06:30 - Get personal with your clients

08:10 - Bring a friend weeks

11:20 - Business networking groups

16:25 - Things to avoid when starting your business

18:40 - Blogging works?

19:45 - The 3 biggest tips for creating trust

20:45 - Planning customer events

22:40 - Connecting with your community

25:30 - How to rank higher on Google

29:00 - How to find a way to enjoy what you're doing

There is no question that Tyler has a heart of service and his true colors shine bright in this episode. Getting personal as a personal trainer has been the key to all of his success. He takes pride in establishing relationships with his local community and is always finding new ways to serve his clients. We also get into some juicy insights on how to design a website that is simple, clean, modern and effective.

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