014 - Givers gain mentality with Kevin Juleen of Optimal Health Zone

What we can learn about being a good person in business

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Episode Description

Founder of Optimal Health Zone Kevin Juleen teaches us how he was able to grow his practice with a givers mentality.

In This Episode:

02:10 - Why Kevin decided to get into healthcare

05:00 - How he got his first client

06:50 - The key to growing his practice

08:07 - Teaching people that you are a good person

09:40 - Learning from event marketing

10:40 - Like attracts like

12:00 - Becoming an industry leader

21:25 - The power of patient buy-in

23:45 - Working through the dips

24:45 - Why saying no is the secret to business

26:20 - The root cause of disease

28:00 - Why having an assistant is essential for your practice

30:25 - The secret to his clinic's success

33:50 - Givers gain

36:30 - Figure out your unique practice style

38:00 - How business is like surfing

Kevin does a wonderful job of breaking down how he was able to grow his practice and why he is so passionate about helping people treat the root cause of their disease. Everyone has their own unique practicing style and it is up to you to figure out how you can best serve your patients.

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