015 - The secret sauce to marketing, 5 ways to become an industry leader, and the power of saying NO

Proving healthCARE, creating content and saying "NO"

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Episode Description

Here are my 3 biggest takeaways from my previous episode with Kevin Juleen of Optimal Health Zone.

In This Episode:

00:45 - The secret sauce to marketing

- Proving healthCARE

- Show people you are a good person

- Givers gain

- The best marketing is being considerate

- The best sales approach is listening

- Business, when done right, is generous and focused on others

05:53 - 5 ways to become an industry leader

1 - Publish high-quality content

2 - Get active on social media

3 - Provide free resources


5 - Collaborate

10:48 - the power of saying "NO"

- It's a small word that packs a LOT of power

- Saying "yes" to anything is saying "no" to everything else

- Error towards saying "no" versus saying "yes"

- Willpower is a limited resource

- "Hell YES!" or "no"

- Follow your energy



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