016 - Separating yourself from your competition with Dr. Sara Whedon of A Place To Grow Chiropractic

Sara gets into how to separate yourself from your competition

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Episode Description

Founder of A Place To Grow Chiropractic teaches us what it means to focus on relationships over logistics and how to separate ourselves from our competition.

In This Episode:

01:25 - Relationships over logistics

02:36 - Working with a partner

05:20 - Making the experience remarkable

08:25 - The lessons learned from her first patient

11:20 - How business "being difficult" doesn't even scratch the surface

14:22 - Surround yourself with the right people

19:14 - Getting involved with the community

21:40 - The power of mastermind groups

24:00 - Coming from a place of service

25:34 - The saga continues

29:39 - Overcoming unique challenges

32:09 - How to separate yourself from your competition

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