018 - 20 years of knowledge about running a Functional Medicine practice with Dr. Greg

20 years of functional medicine with Dr. Greg

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Episode Description

Dr. Greg teaches us how to become an "overnight success" as a 20-year functional medicine practitioner.

In This Episode:

01:58 - How a family illness changed his career trajectory

06:10 - Becoming an "overnight success"

10:00 - Gods and grandmas medicine

16:40 - Disconnect to reconnect

19:00 - Re-write the story

21:45 - Breaking free from auto-pilot

25:05 - Lessons learned from starting 7 practices

30:30 - The most important relationship

34:30 - Leaning into your strengths

37:45 - Let your market steer your message

40:15 - Find what intrigues  

41:58 - Become a specialist

If I had to wrap this conversation up into one word it would be SYSTEMS. Dr. Greg has had 20 years of working in functional medicine and has learned a lot in all of his years of cash-based pay. The nugget I want to make sure that everyone gets out of this episode is the importance of having SYSTEMS in place. This holds true both personally and professionally.

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