020 - Building a Profitable Health Coaching business with Michelle Leotta of Health Coach Power

How to build a profitable health coaching business

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Episode Description

Michelle Leotta who is the Founder of Health Coach Power teaches us how to build a profitable health coaching business and separate yourself from the pack.

In This Episode:

01:35 - The messy start to her health journey

04:30 - Lessons from advertising to health coaching

06:00 - Marketing that works

09:48 - How she got her first clients

13:35 - People hire the people they like

14:50 - Choosing your ideal platform

16:34 - Value pricing versus hourly pricing

20:15 - Smarter marketing

23:45 - Solving a specific problem

31:00 - Finding your tribe

33:00 - How to prioritize your tasks

37:30 - Her most expensive mistakes

43:30 - Stop thinking and start doing

This is a must listen episode if you are a health coach. Michelle has both built her own health coaching business and is now on a mission to help other health coaches build their own business. She is truly a powerhouse in the health coaching industry and if you haven't heard of her, you are missing out.

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