022 - Entrepreneurial wellness with Alex Morrall of The Twin Cities Wellness Collective

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Episode Description

Founder of The Twin Cities Wellness Collective Alex Morrall teaches us how to define what wellness means to you and what the most common trends he has noticed in all of his podcast interviews on The Twin Cities Wellness Collective.

In This Episode:

01:40 - Prioritizing your health as a business owner

05:20 - Homework for life

08:45 - The infinite game

10:25 - Gap versus gain thinking

11:50 - Find time to disconnect

21:35 - New ways to build authentic relationships

28:10 - Making your business human-centric

31:30 - Work / life integration

34:00 - Entrepreneurial autonomy

35:30 - Defining what health means to you

40:30 - Time, energy, and location

Super fun and unique episode with my guy Alex Morrall. Since we both have had literally hundreds of conversations with other health and fitness professionals about how they have built their business, we decide to sit down and hash out some of the big ideas. This episode has a little health, a little business and a littler marketing.


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