024 - The perfect client pipeline with Yuri Elkaim of HealthPreneurs

Building the perfect client pipeline to scale your business.

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Episode Description

Yuri Elkaim does us a HUGE favor by breaking down exactly what his perfect client pipeline is and how you can use it to scale your own health or fitness business.

In This Episode:

02:50 - Yuri's infinite game

05:15 - Why he chose to serve health professionals

07:45 - The #1 marketing mistake people make

11:30 - The perfect client pipeline

21:00 - Figuring out your messaging

24:00 - Know your market better than your clients

26:38 - Get paid for what you know, not what you do

31:00 - How to start stepping away from your business

35:00 - Writing your ticket to freedom

41:30 - Knowing when to hire your first person

49:35 - Pay for better friends

If you are in the stages of scaling your health business and looking to increase your profits, this is a must listen episode. Yuri drops gold for our listeners about how to create a perfect client pipeline, dial in your messaging and write your ticket to freedom. This is one of those episodes that is insanely practical and will give you ideas that you can take action on today.

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