025 - Pay for better friends, dial in your messaging, & write your ticket to freedom

How to write your ticket to freedom.

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Episode Description

My 3 biggest takeaways from my previous episode with Yuri Elkaim of HealthPreneurs.

In This Episode:

01:00 - Pay for better friends

- 4 ways you can get better friends

- mastermind groups

- mentorship

- seminars / events

- books / podcasts

04:49 - Dial in your messaging

- 4 parts of a marketing message

- demonstrate you care - empathy

- address their pain points - knee pain, bloating, overweight (sugar?)

- present your business as a solution - be top of mind

- build trust - excellent care, testimonials, and authenticity

07:29 - Write your ticket to freedom

- 5 steps to freedom

- write out all of your tasks

- eliminate the non-essentials

- automate

- delegate

- procrastinate

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