026 - Being sticky to who you are with Maggie Henjum of Motion Physical Therapy

Building a physical therapy business that balances fun and hard work.

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Episode Description

Maggie Henjum of Motion Physical Therapy teaches us how to stay true to who you are and the lessons she has learned from growing a physical therapy business that focuses on people first.

In This Episode:

02:12 - Building the culture you want to work at

06:30 - Delusionally optimistic

09:00 - Working with nerds like you

11:50 - The hardest part about entrepreneurship

15:37 - Sharing leadership

19:00 - Finding ways to get feedback

22:45 - The most expensive mistake she's made

23:40 - Know your tribes

26:36 - The origin story of Motion

27:52 - To niche or not to niche  

29:40 - Running multiple businesses

32:42 - Finding time for yourself

34:30 - Growing as the people need

38:00 - How to leap into entrepreneurship

Motion Physical Therapy


Maggie's Email

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