027 - Get great, not busy, belly up culture, and find time for yourself

Get great not busy with Maggie of Motion Physical Therapy

Episode Description

Here are my 3 biggest takeaways from my previous episode with Maggie Henjum of Motion Physical Therapy

In This Episode:

00:57 - Get great, not busy

- Partner with someone and give a workshop

- Give an online webinar

- Create a free course on your ideal topic

- Treat your current clients like gold

- Retention & referrals are easier than getting new clients

04:26 - The belly-up philosophy

- Build safety

- Share vulnerability

- Establish purpose

06:20 - Find time for yourself

4 Signs it might be time for a change in your life.

1 - The Sunday dread

2 - You resent having to think about work tasks

3 - You are justifying why you should stay

4 - It's affecting other areas of your life

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