028 - Trusting your GUT with Ashley Oswald of Oswald Digestive Clinic

Trusting your GUT as a functional medicine practitioner

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Episode Description

Ashley Oswald of Oswald Digestive Clinic is a functional medicine practitioner who shares how she was able to build her practice by listening to her GUT instincts.

In This Episode:

01:40 - Ashley's story with gut health

04:50 - How she served her first client

06:15 - Follow your energy early in your business

09:00 - Organic evergreen content creation

11:00 - Building trust with your audience

13:00 - Connecting with like-minded entrepreneurs

13:50 - Reframing failure

16:15 - Hiring a virtual assistant

18:15 - Personality typing

19:30 - Misconceptions around functional medicine

24:30 - Relationship's role in your overall health

30:00 - Using your intuition to stay productive

31:53 - Ashley's favorite entrepreneurship book

34:41 - First steps to starting a functional medicine practice




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