032 - How Public Speaking Can Help Grow Your Fitness Business with John Godoy

Personal trainer turned professional speaker.

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Episode Description

John Godoy is a Professional Speaker, Award-winning inventor, and Healthy lifestyle expert. He is an authority on how professionals create the communication and lifestyle habits required to excel in today's demanding world.

In This Episode:

01:26 - Public speaking for health & fitness professionals

06:10 - Your most powerful marketing tool

09:30 - How he attracted high-end clients

11:00 - Like attracts like

14:20 - How to develop public speaking skills

18:00 - Building confidence

20:30 - Know your circle of competence

24:15 - Don't sacrifice your relationships

27:30 - The soft American

28:45 - Doing hard stuff makes life better



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Corey Hiben

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Corey is my name, but health & technology is my game.

Helping health & fitness professionals grow their business by marketing their brand.