033 - The value of relationships with Matt Hirn of Thrive HQ Physical Therapy

Building a thriving physical therapy practice with relationships.

Episode Description

Founder of Thrive HQ Matt Hirn teaches us the value of relationships and staying true to your values when building a business.

In This Episode:

01:40 - Matt's motivation to start a business

03:55 - Aligning your values

06:30 - Calculated Progress

09:00 - Denial of treatment

15:00 - Know who you want to help

23:00 - How to grow a physical therapy practice

25:00 - The power of referrals

27:00 - Proof of concept

31:50 - Playing the long game in business

33:00 - Finding support in relationships

35:30 - Flipping perspectives

41:20 - Matt's health journey

47:44 - Build the well before you're thirsty




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