035 - Building a functional medicine practice with Katie Garrott of Wise Wellness

Filling a functional medicine practice in 3 months.

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Episode Description

Katie Garrott of Wise Wellness functional medicine teaches us how she was able to fill her schedule in 3-months.

In This Episode:

01:50 - Why Katie got into healthcare

06:00 - Her fascination with nutrition

09:00 - Overcoming an autoimmune condition

11:00 - Less than dead but less than healthy

12:00 - How she started her business

15:00 - Building a practice in 3-months

18:00 - Hiring her first employee

21:00 - SOP's

22:30 - Getting clients

26:00 - Automations

29:20 - Know what you stand for

32:30 - Her most expensive mistakes

35:40 - Her most impactful relationships

39:00 - Mentorship


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