036 - Shortcuts to a cashed based physical therapy practice with Aaron LeBauer of CashPT Lunch Hour

Building a cash-based physical therapy practice from scratch.

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Episode Description

Aaron LeBauer is a cash-based physical therapist business coach who teaches us the shortcuts to building a thriving practice.

In This Episode:

01:30 - Sleeping outside to cash-based practice

08:00 - Hippie vibes

12:20 - Solving an actual problem

14:30 - Marketing a cash-based business

16:20 - Scaling a practice

17:40 - His most expensive mistake

21:00 - Charge what you're worth

22:30 - Creating a lead funnel

26:30 - Avoiding Aaron's pitfalls

28:15 - When to hire a coach

30:20 - Know what your time is worth

33:40 - Pricing

42:30 - Business shortcuts





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