037 - Best of Season 1 Recap

The best of season 1 from 30+ episodes.

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Episode Description

As a bon voyage to season 1 I put together some of the best clips from 30+ episodes as we roll into season 2.

In an effort to provide you with the best show possible, all of the recordings in season 2 (with a few exceptions) will be recorded in-person with health & fitness business owners in Austin Texas.

In This Episode:

01:24 - Ben Britton - how to eat an elephant

03:52 - Marysa Meyer - getting her first client

05:39 - Mia Vidmar - running a gut lead business

09:18 - Dr. Greg - become a specialist

10:32 - Michelle Leotta - less thinking and more doing

12:11 - Yuri Elkaim - pay for better friends

14:12 - Maggie Henjum - love what you do

15:46 - Kaitlin Haider - starting her business

19:44 - Aaron LeBauer - aim higher

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