038 - How to build a BRAND for your ideal client with Kady Sandel of Aventive Studio

How to build a health brand.

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Episode Description

Kady Sandel who is the founder of Aventive Studio teaches us how to build a health brand for targeted towards your ideal client.

In This Episode:

02:00 - How Kady got into wellness branding

03:10 - How she got her first client

04:10 - Early business challenges  

06:00 - Know who you're talking to

08:50 - Common brand misunderstandings

11:10 - First 3-steps of branding

11:40 - Relationships & networking

18:50 - Is blogging dead?

25:00 - The rule of 100

26:30 - The hardest part about entrepreneurship

29:00 - The Brand Fix

31:50 - Brand attributes

33:00 - Las Vegas, cats & coffee

37:30 - Be brilliant at 2 platforms




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Corey Hiben

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