042 - Empathy & Kindness with Meghan Faulkner of Apex Sports Medicine

Leading a chiropractic practice with empathy and kindness.

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Episode Description

Meghan Faulkner of Apex Sports Medicine teaches us how to lead with empathy.

In This Episode:

01:54 - Why Meghan chose Chiropractic care

06:20 - The need to prove yourself

09:10 - Helping people move better

11:20 - Austin pride

13:00 - Starting a chiropractic practice

21:30 - Scaling with relationships

24:30 - Her most expensive mistake

26:50 - Having integrity

30:00 - Managing energy

30:50 - Balancing patient care

34:30 - Lead with kindness

38:40 - Her best marketing strategy

42:50 - Do your research




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