043 - The business of finding yourself with Cory Peterson of Outcomes Therapy

Building a healthcare business during a pandemic.

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Episode Description

What we can learn from sailing about building a physical therapy practice with Cory Peterson of Outcomes Therapy.

In This Episode:

02:20 - The dream of starting a business

07:00 - Breaking a hip

12:50 - Keeping the doors open

18:30 - Disconnect to re-connect

26:00 - Bro talk

30:00 - Crashing a 1-wheeler

33:50 - Finding yourself in the ocean

39:30 - Know your why

41:50 - What sailing can teach us about business

46:00 - Finding adventure

48:00 - Grounding yourself

52:30 - Solve a real-world problem





Corey sitting at his laptop with a gray shirt

Corey Hiben

Entrepreneur & Podcaster

Corey is my name, but health & technology is my game.

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