044 - Trailblazing with Sarah Files of JOL Healthcare

Trailblazing home health with Sarah Files of JOL Healthcare

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Episode Description

Sarah Files of JOL Healthcare teaches us what it means to be a trailblazer in the healthcare industry.

In This Episode:

01:45 - Getting her business off the ground

04:55 - Leap before you're ready

08:15 - Scaling a business

09:45 - Climbing the mountain

13:25 - Finding downtime

16:30 - Her biggest business challenges

18:20 - How to hire with personality types

21:30 - Always having a vision

27:25 - What's the worst that can happen?

29:15 - Being 3 feet from gold

35:40 - When to grit and when to quit

36:30 - Her most expensive mistake

37:50 - Building culture

39:50 - Stacking the deck

45:30 - Have a plan





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