047 - Building community and getting personal with Christian Soriano of Forge Strength Gym

Building a thriving gym community.

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Episode Description

Christian Soriano of Forge Strength teaches us how to build a thriving gym community.

In This Episode:

02:40 - How Christian got into fitness

04:30 - Building a community

07:10 - Finding balance in fitness

09:00 - Opening Forge Strength gym

14:45 - Have a personal touch

17:50 - Following up with leads

19:50 - Driving traffic with reviews

23:15 - The most important marketing pillars

24:45 - Staying resilient in business

27:05 - Should you offer your services for free?

30:45 - Market research

34:30 - Christian's daily routine

36:15 - His best advice if starting from ground zero

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