049 - Building an online personal training business with Tessa Breeden of Be Bold Fitness

Building an online personal training business.

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Episode Description

Tessa Breedon of Be Bold Fitness teaches us how to build an online personal training business.

In This Episode:

00:00 - Building confidence with fitness

00:00 - Her best marketing strategy

00:00 - Creating content that resonates

00:00 - Attracting like-minded people

00:00 - Her most expensive mistake

00:00 - Working with a partner

00:00 - Building a personal training business

00:00 - Finding pain points

00:00 - Growing an online PT business

00:00 - Hiring a coach

00:00 - Live in the present moment

00:00 - Tessa's morning routine (or lack of)

00:00 - Living a bold life

00:00 - Building a business brand versus a personal brand

00:00 - How to separate yourself

00:00 - Her best business advice


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