054 - Building a health "bar" with Jonathan Mendoza of MSW Lounge

Bootstrapping a health "bar" as a chiropractor and nurse practitioner.

Episode Description

Jonathan Mendoza of MSW Lounge teaches us how to get out of our own way and build a health "bar."

In This Episode:

03:20 - A doctor becoming a nurse

07:00 - Looking at the body as a whole

11:20 - Jon's "back" story

14:00 - The problem with traditional healthcare

21:00 - Starting a health bar

26:30 - Living with a business partner

28:30 - Learning to sell

31:40 - Borrowing belief

38:00 - Learning to sit still

42:30 - Get out of your own way

45:30 - Awareness & action

49:00 - Appreciation for everything

50:30 - The key to life

53:20 - Why Austin is the epicenter for health & wellness

58:50 - Go to bed earlier

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