055 - Don't get addicted to crack with Chase Davidson of Action Potential Rehab

Giving value without expectations

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Episode Description

Chase Davidson of Action Potential Rehab is all about giving with no expectations.

In This Episode:

02:17 - Why Chase decided to be a chiropractor

06:50 - The chiro divide

09:10 - The patient mill

13:50 - Don't get addicted to crack

17:00 - Breaking free from the corporate world

21:20 - Add value with no expectation

23:00 - Being the immediate solution

25:30 - Staying top of mind

29:30 - Abundance mindset

32:20 - His most expensive business mistake

34:20 - Swinging the success pendulum

37:40 - The best part about entrepreneurship

41:30 - Why he moved to Austin

46:00 - Prioritize relationships

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