061 - Animal Chiropractic with Amanda Massey of Elite Motion & Performance

The animal chiropractor... say what?!

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Episode Description

Amanda Massey of Elite Motion & Performance teaches us how to treat people (and animals) like family.

In This Episode:

03:30 - Animal chiropractic

09:30 - Horse polo in Texas

15:30 - Serve the person you once were

18:30 - How to adjust a 1,200-pound animal

20:00 - Be good and take care of people

23:00 - Delegate

26:00 - Charge your worth

27:00 - Do what you're called to do

30:30 - Connecting with likeminded people

34:00 - Getting scammed

36:30 - How she got her first patient

40:15 - Rapid fire questions

43:30 - Taking the leap




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