062 - Get CLEAR on your VISION with Mike Bledsoe of The Strong Coach

How to get clear on your VISION.

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Episode Description

Mike Bledsoe of The Strong Coach teaches us how to get clear on our VISION.

In This Episode:

02:30 - Sleeping in the gym

08:30 - Losing his father

14:20 - Letting his bank account go to zero

18:00 - Building Barbell Shrugged

23:50 - Starting 3 coaching businesses

27:10 - How to figure out what you want

34:00 - The identity of a CEO

38:00 - Not wanting to feel a certain way

41:50 - The power of belief

47:30 - Effectiveness or efficiency

49:20 - Tracking your needle movers

53:10 - Working 1-day a week

54:45 - Rapid fire questions

57:50 - Get good at ONE thing



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