065 - How to become world class at anything with Neville Medhora of Copywriting Course

A masterclass on copywriting to grow your business.

Episode Description

Neville Medhora of Copywriting Course teaches us how to sell with the written word.

In This Episode:

05:00 - What is copywriting?

08:40 - Why you should tell more stories

14:00 - How he used copywriting to grow a business

19:50 - Creating pricing packages

23:45 - You are the product

28:50 - Putting a carrot on a stick

34:00 - Build it on the side

43:00 - An entpreneurship mindset

45:25 - Passion versus profit

57:15 - The most important business skills

01:02:00 - His most expensive mistake

01:05:00 - Testosterone and emotional maturity

01:13:00 - Rapid fire questions

01:22:00 - How to become world-class at anything

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