066 - From Junk Foods to Whole Foods with Faiez Rana of Prep to Your Door

Building a healthy food delivery service.

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Episode Description

Faiez Rana of Prep to Your Door tells the story of how he went from delivering junk food to college students to delivering healthy whole foods to the Austin community.

In This Episode:

05:20 - Growing up with entrepreneurship

07:35 - Delivering junk food

19:20 - Finding a business/life partner

23:50 - Business essentials

27:50 - How Prep to Your Door got started

33:30 - Listening to your customers

40:10 - Pattern interrupts

44:00 - Having the vision

47:45 - His most expensive mistake

51:00 - Saying no to 750k

54:00 - What motivates him

58:00 - Learning to be more honest

01:03:20 - The benefits of articulating your problems

01:11:00 - The future of Prep To Your Door

01:12:50 - Rapid fire questions

01:17:50 - His best business advice

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