068 - Building a 7-figure coaching business with Logan Sneed of Simplified Scaling

How to build a 7-figure coaching business

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Episode Description

Logan Sneed of Simplified Scaling teaches us how he overcame cancer and built a 7-figure coaching business.

In This Episode:

03:20 - Dealing with brain cancer

09:00 - Waking up in surgery

11:30 - Given a death sentence

15:40 - Good mentorship moments

18:40 - Dropping out of college

23:30 - Everybody wants approval

25:00 - Bad mentorship moments

30:30 - Coaching for coaches

32:50 - How to get leads

35:20 - The biggest mistake he's made

39:50 - Creating a documentary

41:45 - Rapid fire questions

49:40 - Everyone's just figuring it out

3-Tip Tuesday's - Marketing Tips to Attract More Leads!

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