073 - Building an online fitness business by being authentic with Eric Champ of Champ City

How to build an online fitness community with authenticity.

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Episode Description

Eric Champ of Champ City teaches us how he built his online fitness community.

In This Episode:

02:00 - Not liking what he saw in the mirror

08:30 - Getting around the right people

10:30 - Motivation isn't enough

18:00 - Habit stacking

21:30 - The gift of getting fired

24:00 - Listening to his wife

28:20 - Mobile personal training

35:11 - His first virtual client

39:00 - Doing the inner work

41:50 - Entrepreneurship fulfillment

46:40 - How to grow your social media

50:50 - Rapid fire questions

54:45 - Create pillar content



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Corey Hiben

Entrepreneur & Podcaster

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