075 - How to build a successful practice in less than a year with Dr. Scott Mitchell of Limitless Chiropractic

Building a successful practice in less than a year.

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Episode Description

Dr. Scott Mitchell with Limitless Chiropractic shows us how self-awareness has been the key to his success.

In This Episode:

02:00 - Why he chose medicine

03:45 - Shadowing a naturalpath

08:30 - How he found chiropractic care

11:00 - Tapping into self-awareness

13:00 - The difference between East and West coast

16:30 - How he ended up in Austin

23:00 - Do it for the story

27:00 - The best part about being a chiropractor

29:45 - Learn by doing

33:00 - The best crack in Austin

34:30 - From getting fired to starting a practice

40:30 - Fear of success

43:10 - Mo-money mo-problems

46:35 - Rapid fire questions

54:00 - Do what gives you the most freedom




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