076 - The life of a private keto chef in Austin Texas with Max Mentzer

The story of a private keto chef in Austin Texas.

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Episode Description

Keto chef Max Mentzer shares his story about how he became a private chef.

In This Episode:

02:40 - His first experience with entrepreneurship

08:30 - The overlap of food and music

14:15 - Being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes

15:45 - How he got into keto

18:20 - Why he started a private chef business

19:45 - How he got his first customers

22:00 - Referral marketing

24:00 - Just get started

26:15 - The importance of getting feedback

29:05 - Private cheffing isn't for everybody

34:30 - Make people FEEL special

35:50 - Aperitif's

40:00 - The future of his keto journey

42:00 - Rapid fire question round

50:30 - Give yourself grace



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