077 - Building a nutrition business with Krista Large of Living Large Wellness

How to build an online nutrition business

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Episode Description

Krista Large of Living Large Wellness shares her journey to becoming an online nutrition coach.

In This Episode:

03:00 - Finding entrepreneurship at a rave

10:00 - Overwhelmed as a personal trainer

11:30 - 100 life goals

15:00 - Giving up alcohol

17:20 - Learning Spanish

20:50 - Early mistakes starting a nutrition business

24:30 - Building a newsletter

27:00 - Her personal challenges with eating

30:00 - Our inner pig

35:00 - Having accountability

37:50 - The future of her business

42:40 - Rapid fire question round

49:20 - If you don't have a customer, you don't have a business



Never Binge Again - Book

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