079 - From Sleeping On The Floor to Making 7-figures with Bodybuilding Coach Justin Mihaly

From sleeping on the floor to building a 7-figure coaching business.

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Episode Description

Justin Mihaly teaches us how he built a 7-figure business in bodybuilding.

In This Episode:

03:45 - Misconceptions about vulnerability

09:00 - Early days of personal training

12:00 - Everything is competition

14:50 - Perfecting your craft

22:00 - Become a free thinker

27:40 - Building an online coaching business

30:00 - Not having anywhere to live

36:00 - Doing business with friends

38:30 - Habit stacking

42:30 - Being a servant to the world

46:45 - Setting boundaries

49:00 - Self awareness

52:00 - Living like you're poor

54:30 - Get your feelings hurt

57:00 - The future of his business

01:01:00 - Rapid fire questions

01:16:00 - What it means to go all in



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