080 - Finding Fulfillment In Your Work with CJ Finley of Thrive On Life

Finding fulfillment in your work.

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Episode Description

CJ Finley of Thrive On Life teaches us how to find more fulfillment.

In This Episode:

04:00 - Playing to win

08:40 - Doing what it takes

11:00 - Getting people to pay you

14:30 - Running from death

21:00 - Surrounding yourself with the right people

23:30 - Leaving corporate America

29:50 - Having the confidence to take risks

37:20 - Get good at not knowing the outcome

38:40 - The fear of mastery

43:30 - Reframing failure

48:55 - I don't know

52:00 - From me to we

55:00 - Rapid fire questions

01:00:30 - It takes a team




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