086 - Building a Functional Medicine practice with Dr. Lauryn Lax

Building a functional medicine practice on gut health.

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Episode Description

Lauryn Lax teaches us how she scratched her own itch and built a gut health business.

In This Episode:

02:30 - Early serial entrepreneur

08:30 - The moment that changed her life

14:20 - Gut hungers

18:00 - Starting in coaching

22:40 - Attracting her first clients

25:00 - Writing a book

27:00 - Her most expensive mistake

30:00 - Moving from operator to owner

32:00 - Learning the hard way

35:00 - Her differentiators

38:20 - Rapid fire questions

44:50 - Working less while achieving more

The 28 Day Gut Kickstart - Book

Eating Healthy is Killing You - Book

Enough: Become Who You Are Meant to Be - Book





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