088 - From living in a monastery to building a stem cell regen business with Christian Drapeau of Kalyagen

From living in a monastery to building a stem cell regeneration business.

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Episode Description

Christian Drapeau teaches us how he built a stem cell regeneration business called Kalyagen

In This Episode:

04:40 - Learning how to learn

09:00 - Quitting his Ph.D.

13:50 - Living in a monastery

16:30 - Fear and love

18:20 - Following your curiosities

22:00 - The American mind

23:00 - Moving to Austin

24:20 - Trusting your intuition

26:50 - Thinking about your health

28:30 - Blue-green algae

32:30 - Getting a product to market

36:30 - Life changing stories

40:00 - Business is a journey, not an outcome

42:00 - The future of stem cell regeneration

44:40 - Rapid fire questions

51:00 - Start with what you have




Make It Stick: The Science of Successful Learning - book

Super Learning - Book

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