099 - The dark side of a polymath life with Mollie Eastman of Sleep is a Skill

Sleep is a skill.

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Episode Description

⁠Mollie Eastman ⁠of Sleep is a Skill.

In This Episode:

03:00 - The entrepreneurial drive

10:00 - Communication and body language

12:30 - Making peace with your past

16:00 - Meal timing

19:00 - Mollie ruins everything

25:00 - Sleep impacts on day to day life

31:00 - Addicted to feeling good

34:20 - Entrepreneurial curious

40:30 - Living a polymath life

47:00 - Mollie's rock-bottom moment

54:30 - Getting her health back

57:00 - The power of the circadian rhythm

59:30 - Building sleep capital

01:03:30 - Biophilia

01:07:00 - Rapid fire questions

01:22:00 - Be so good they can't ignore you

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