113 - The world's most powerful drug with Yancy Culp of Spartan DEKA

The world's most powerful drug

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Episode Description

Yancy Culp⁠ teaches us how to take care of the beautiful machine.

In This Episode:

03:00 - Lessons from farm life

09:30 - Being a YES man

12:00 - Creating DEKA

17:00 - The world's healthiest addiction

21:00 - Hitting the pause button

25:00 - Leveling up

27:00 - Giving back to your people

30:00 - Haze gray and underway

34:00 - Creating an affiliate program

37:30 - Being selfish with your time

39:00 - Taking care of the beautiful machine

46:30 - Obstacle course racing

48:30 - Rapid fire questions

01:04:00 - Allow yourself to be mentored



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