122 - Breaking free from the healthcare and sugar shackles with Danielle Hamilton

From speech pathologist to nutritionist.

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Episode Description

Danielle Hamilton⁠ teaches us how she was able to step away from Speech Therapy and into Functional Nutrition.

In This Episode:

02:30 - Allied health professionals

09:30 - Becoming a nutritionist

13:30 - Finding your passion

17:30 - Early entrepreneurial mentors

21:30 - Making it real

24:30 - No failure, only learning

29:30 - Empathy

34:30 - Creating shareable content

42:30 - Give it away for free

47:00 - Don't hang your hat on a tool

51:00 - The rule of 100

51:30 - Rapid fire questions

01:02:30 - There are people that need you

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